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Old Draft Re-emerged | Katrina related

.Disclaimer: This was an Incomplete Blog which I wrote maybe a few years ago
My guess is that I wrote this about 2009 and was never able to finish...

I Published it today by Mistake / Well/ Here it goes again. 

... And so much has changed about the city and the world, my personal life, the lives of my family etc.

Katrina in many cases took some of us out of confined and comfortable situations, yet it made us weak and then strong again. so much has happen which was tragic such as our one loss.  but my family is blessed to have what we have to day.

After Katrina a number of things happened since we moved back I'm going to post the things which i feel most affected my life personally. no doubt this list might miss a few things but I'm going to add them by date or at least try to.

2005 (after August)

  • We Lost 1 Family Member, My Cousin's Husband (Greg Estes) he drowned a short time after leaving my my home. A good man, and he's greatly missed.
  • We had to leave My Dog Chedder, We got him back a few days before Thanks Giving.
  • I began working due to Tech For All in October I thank them seeing a spark in me.
  • I was also An AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer under the TFA Houston Hope Wing (that came in 2006 though) 
  • I was able to attend band events just by networking prior to katrina.
  • After Moving out of the astrodome My family moved to my Sisters Apartment, which she was able to successfully rent in due time for us to stay there.
    In this house was Myself, My Odlest and Youngest Brother, Mom, Dad, Aunt, Buck, My Cousin Jamal, His Girlfriend ,  My Sister, My Nephew and her spouse at the time.  (and Cheddar after returning home)
  • We All  eventually moved out of her home
  • My Sister Latrice and her family moved into a steady apartment after hitting up a few shelters (they couldn't stand being in the Astrodome during October)
  • I purchased my first cellphone.
  • Got to hang out with some cool people at some HBCU games for the first time which i had only known online. between 2001 and 05
  • We move into The Home which we would stay in for the remainder of our time in houston. there were lots of families from New Orleans there. (the complex had that FEMA Voucher Program money coming in) ..
  • Some of my family moved to Houston From Atlanta, such as my grandma. 
  • My I Opened up a bank account,
  • We Get Cheddar a friend, A Shih Tzu  we named Tigger.
  • At some point I found that The Girl I was in love with at the time was no longer "There" for me. we broke up by phone. (We are cool now obviously)
  • I Cried
  • I Met my Friend Ashley "Nicole" we ended up being in band together later that year. She and a few others helped me get over a breakup
  • Purchased a Laptop PC for myself
  • Went to number of band events .met some more good people!
    I met Basket Ball and Baton Legend Calvin Murphy while attempting to work with the Marching Thunder.
  • I met "FLUTEGIRL" (she doesn't like to be on the grid so i aint sayin her name  LOL! she knows who she is. I love her! LOL that's my buddy We've had our ups and downs but that's what friends are for.. 
  • Joined AmeriCorps Vista in the Summer (as mentioned before
  • Enrolled in Texas Southern Univ.  / Joined TSU's Band
  • I Met a girl there that would become one of my best friends She eventually got Married an now divorced..
  • My My Family Members Began moving back to N.O. (Both My Sister's Families and a few cousins) 
  • My Household Decided to move back to N.O,
  • With Nowhere to stay, I was forced to withdraw from, Texas Southern and moved back with them,
New Orleans late 2006 to and 2007
  • November we move back to N.O. at My sisters New Home in the 8th Ward which she had purchased  from her spouses Grandmother.  
  • December we hear about a Rally to reopen our old neighborhoods (public housing) .. I attended a number of them that year The
  • I took a few walk through of that neighborhood and my old home. We salvaged a few old goods 
  • The Neighborhood was Eventually Torn Down, Same as the other 3 major "Projects" in the city.
  • My Oldest Sister became a home owner. 
  • She Gets married We Celebrate
  • Later that year My Grandma Passes Away
  • My Cousin Chanel Got Killed (First situation to happen like that in our family) 
  • My Nephew Tank is Born
  • Another cousin of mine is born
2008 2009
  • I honestly don't have many 2008 memories, LOL  I know I blogged a whole lot though. maybe due to meet ups, let downs, family issues and just life in general. 
  • I Know I blogged alot about the Neigbothoods being torn down, the schools being closed and being upset about the conditions in out city...
  • 2009 My Sister and Brother in Law become Business Owners .. They open a Bar.. probably not the greatest thing in the world but It happened.   

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