Thursday, March 03, 2016

Government Benefits

(Originally Written via facebook a few days  ago / loosely revised)

Only in America you can go from being way too poor for government assistance, to being too wealthy for government assistance.

You can only qualify to Benefit from "The System"  if you are within bounds of the conditions which they allow you and or tell you that you should live within. They want to know your spending habits, and they want to tell you what you can and cant possess with the money you make. and or the benefits you may qualify for.

There was once a time where public housing complexes were being built with standard appliance sections but they would only come with Stoves and Refrigerators.. later  in the years, they added Washers and Dryers within homes. Tenants who didn't own Washers and Dryers typically had Hand washers and washboards as well as used a Clothesline to dry. If you were able to purchase your own washer, you were likely to wealthy and now deemed ineligible for public Housing, why? because  back then, Washers,and Dryers were looked upon as luxury Items

There was also a time where the person who Owned More than 1 Television was considered too Wealthy to receive the benefits, meanwhile there are 1000 parking spaces outside your apartment but to be on the housing program the government told you u can't have a car, to qualify for the  because a car is a luxury.

Now days if you have a home computer or an Ipod or some Jordans while living in the projects, folks want to rant about what you should or shouldn't have while living in public housing or receiving government assistance such as WIC or Food Staps (or Medical care etc.)

That perception was built in part by the government and enforced by people who were unable to benefit or qualify from government assistance due to the fact that they are wealthier according to the "System" which bounds the people who are within it.

There are those who have been on within the system so long that they will do anything to remain in that box. they're lying on paperwork about their income and or luxuries (like cable TV) to get low Rent, and things like that... They choose it to live that way because they love the benefits they receive. Many of them just might be abusing the system. Yeah, that's messed up. but They learn that from generations upon generations of people before them doing the same thing.

So you've been busted for abusing, They finds out now you are now too wealthy for government assistance.They put you out  of your apartment and cut your benefits, Now you're too poor to do it on your own, so you move in Ssomeone who's living on the system or go homeless. ... Less say you are living on the streets, That can lead to bad hygiene and job loss due to bad hygiene .. Now you're too poor to get back on the system...... That's "Government Benefits" for for ya!..

With All That Said ... As someone commented within my page. as an individual, you should make it a priority and hold accountability for how you spend your own funds while on the system so that you won't have to sttruggle beyond (or outside) the system. of  course some people need to see direct example before them in order to take head.. It's more than just moving out. it's about owning your own. My grand parents  moved in the Projects in 1941, she moved out in 1994. into a home of their own. many of my family members followed that same path.

There are many Living within bounds of the system only because they love the binefits they recieve .many of them just might be abusing the system. I feel as though that we as a people shouldn't totally Judge those folks. because they just may be in the process of prepairing to move out of that situation..

All and All. It's not just about depending on the government, It's about trying not to be Bound by what the government's  recommendation to qualify... if you don't qualify, it's probably a good reason you don't. But I say all the time. when it comes to Free Healthcare, WIC, Food Stamps/Vouchers.I believe every woman, no mater what their living conditions should get. without any special requirement.

 I Also feel as though that we as a people shouldn't totally Judge those folks. because they just may be in the process of preparing to move out of that situation.

But That's what the System does to people.

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