Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reminder: I'm not Federal..

Here I go again, running my fingers with another random post.

Just Got back in from "The Store" a few block away from where I live. outside the facility were people young and old hanging out front of the store, the younger group sat in a Black vehicle.  I noticed this from maybe 30/40 yards away, but as i got closer to the store, everyone was on alert looking at me cautiously  as I walked in the store.I walked into the facility. after buying a Black T Shirt, I walked out. The car full of younger people was gone, the older guys still there.. One of the guy younger guys was still standing around but he was not at a 10 distance away from the everyone else, as if he was on watch..

I pay attention to these things because it rases my sense of awareness.
But I know for a fact that when these guys see me, they'd automatically assume I'm not the average citizen. Maybe I wear Dark colors too much, Maybe my appearance is not consistent with the average person my age. I myself am always cautious and  loosely observant of my environment, mainly the people within  my peripheral view. yes I look at faces I look at faces before I walk in places, I try to greet people if they look like they deserve to be greeted (lol) but most of all, I am not Federal.

Most of all, I'm just an average guy, I tend to have a certain appeal about me that people may notice, they're all not "good things"..  but It just happens happens that way sometimes, of course they don't know me from anybody. but their behavioral traits changed abruptly as I walked on the scene. when these things happen. It makes me feel like My presence caused them switch up their "awareness".I'd rather it be that way sometimes. But most of all. I'm not Federal.

- Book

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