Sunday, March 13, 2016

Identify Yourself

Celebrate yourself, be proud of who YOU are, it's not racist to love yourself or the people who look, behave or carry themselves the same way you do.. We are people who are comfortable around people who are more like us... It's part of our Identity. and also what we use to eventually pass judgement on people and their culture. and because of our own American Ignorance, we typically don't care if we are wrong..

We are taught unconsciously many stereotypes through subliminal learning process and although many of them correctly identify a person or persona Out own ignorance though actual learning Tells us things that are not always fact.

For example, I saw a video once where a girl flaunting her new "Indian Hair" fresh out of Southwest Asia, and the girl says " Look at my Indian Cherokee, Navajo Hair" ...

Those are the kinds of folks that when they see an actual person from India, they assume that It's the person is a Muslim from places like Iran/Iraq/Saudi Arabia. .or Automatically think "Chinese" when you say "Asia"

With all that said.. Before you ignorantly Identify someone.. Identify yourself...
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