Saturday, May 07, 2016

If Only It is Fair to Me..

There are so many things I must do in my life to be "That Guy" but for now, I'm "This Guy" I'm Me...
Problem Is, I remain here and as much as I win, I lose on the grand stage of happiness.
I just ran across a photo of someone, it made me smile. and also glad that she's in my life.

The thing that saddens me is, being the guy who who is there as the ear to hear but never the keeper.
Although as I've stated before, I don't mind being that guy. but also being without the physical person is hard when you'd rather be in their company. I talked about this before in 2 previous entries. but dang... I feel like I'm missing out

On the contrary the word No goes a long way, and of the many No's. I still have a big "Yes" in my heart.. It's cool though man.. I'm just That guy who gets by.. I guess I'll wait my turn..
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