Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Charter Illusion

There are these videos of these specific charter schools being promoted and reposed on facebook because of the amounts of black student success and all that. sounds great right? yeah.but it's an illusion of real success. and Although it looks good on paper, I'm not the biggest fan of it.

No Doubt, Seeing these black students graduate at a 100% Rate sounds great, it looks great and Is great. but it's just a numbers game. it's a process created by design. and Although I want to praise it. I can't because the truth about many of those schools is very simple.

There's a league of schools for black boys that are connected in multiple states with a specific goal and agenda in mind. it's to make black boys a success. I'm pretty sure these specific schools are all for the education and proper grooming of a black man. that is a major plus, But  in a numeric system, the only thing that matters are the numbers, not the actual education of the student. and that's where I see a problem.

Consider this.
John Doe High School,
Home of the Black & Blue Eagles
1300 students Co-Ed
Open 80 years, running underfunded for the last 30
Fights, violence, expulsions, drop outs.rates increase over the years.
but Graduating class is at 300 seniors,, but only 42% of them college / trade school bound.
The government deemed it a failure and it's closed..

A charter system moves in..
They change the name, mascot, colors and culture of the school
Hire new staff and faculty
Requires a GPA of 3,9 to attend.
Nobody in the neighborhood  makes the grade
The selected body is now 600 (co-ed)
Students from other cities are being bused in,
There's a bit of fighting and detentions, suspections, expultions, (because it's going to happen anyway)
Graduating only 70 Seniors this year
100% of their grads  will be going to college on scholarships
School receives billions in funding
The School is on the news because they turned around a bad school

Meanwhile the neighborhood kids are being shipped off to the next overpopulated underfunded  school. where they continue the fighting and killing over turf beef  etc.

That's what's really going on..

The Charter Illusion
It's By Design..
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