Friday, May 20, 2016

Yesterday My Niece Graduated High School

Very cool commencement ceremony, Got to see my niece graduate, not only that, there were two students who also graduated with associates degrees from a local community college. first 2 students in the schools 99 year existence. My Niece had received awards a few days prior to the graduation at Class Night, where rigs and awards were presented. Distinctive students and some others. I didn't attend all that. but the graduation was very nice.

After the ceremonies we went out to eat at Copeland's. It was my first time there since the fateful "date after"  Well, anyway I had Crawfish Pasta. I took a few pics with my regular camera, but you know. I haven't posted any due to provessing and other projects. I will Eventually though. I came home and crashed. Slept till 4am. attempted to do some things in the AM, but ended up sleeping some more.

As for now, I'm actually working on a video. my body's still tired though. lol
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