Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They Wanna be Greek Too

This Article has been posted up on social media Lately regarding a Greek lettered org of women
(Click here for full article)  portraying the Omega's, Everybody's expressing their opinions. majority see it all as a mockery. I agree. but for different reasons.

I Believe that it's fairly okay to start your own GLO or Non-GLO, but don't infringe on the likeness of another org, that's where you become a laughing stock. Maybe the likenesses aren't legally registered trademarks, but it's obvious where everything these women are doing.. totally "Blasphemy" (lol) .

I don't care what your org represents or whom they are reaching.
but in the meantime Get your own signals, steps, creed, laws, rules, insignia etc.

I recently saw something in the comments section saying "Black people shouldn't be Greeks because its not African" (total other subject) i guess they don't understand that the only thing "Greek" about those orgs are the letters themselves ..lol some folks assume that Greeks are sitting up here trying to Go to Delphi to channel Zeus, Aristotle,Prometheus, and Nike.. Nah That's not it.. LOL!
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