Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yet The Expectations Are High,

I found myself talking to my friend as well as my sister along with some threads about relationships and things again. and It's like. I know that I'm not in the position to have a woman, I'm not financially stable, I'm pretty much broke and that's all gotta change. Yet, I desire a relationship. I desire a great friendship with a woman that is close to me.  yet I know I can't have that because I'm not prepared to take on the venture. Those things outweigh my desire for a woman.

It's the reason I can not approach a woman who will be serious enough to accept me as I am and work with me on becoming a greater man. Sure I'm a nice guy, but I don't physically poses the things women desire out of a man. and that's where I fall short. I need to fix that.

There are women that would love to be with me, but they aren't really looking for me because I haven't made myself appealing to them. No woman wants a guy to just "Exist" they want a provider. I'm not that guy. Yet I wanna be that guy. Allow me to grow to be that guy and I will.

No woman wants a broken man, No woman wants an unstable man who has nothing who lives with his parents. I admit i'm not the total package, but work with me and I can be the great man that you want me to be.

I've been rejected, I've been denied,because women typically expect a guy to be their everything. even when it comes to face value.   At this point I just feel like all i need is a woman to chill with live. I have my friend to talk to by phone, but she;s so far away that I'm always alone. Tragic..

I want to experience what I experienced in my last relationship again. just. with someone who has nothing up their sleve, someone who won't walk out on me, someone who values the same thing I value. somebody to Laugh and Cry with. I need Love.   Like the lyrics to the Temptations song, I want a love I can See.. (lol)

But, these women want me to be superman..unfortunately I can't be your superman. I'm just "A Nice Guy" that needs love. but,I I need to fix myself. The Big deal iz, I have to do so under the guise of a woman's expectations or a person who knows what women desire. and I don't know exactly what any individual woman wants. but I have to be mindful that All women aren't the same.. I can only be me.

I recently saw a thread asking why is it that there are so many single women out there? .. Same reason there are many single men. Many of them have been broken by past relationships and don't wanna deal with a man that will play with their minds.  The problem is, this causes those women have a be cold heart  when dealing with the next man. Then we get compared to their exes for the things we can't do. and not praised for the things that we are doing.

I'm not a bad guy,. I'm not a killer,  don't do or sell drugs, I don't smoke, I'm not a thug nor gangsta. and I won't beat you. but I still don't qualify to be your guy... and yet you'd deal with those spirits over me because you like their mindset and what they have and how they are in bead.. Meanwhile I'm here, You don't have a man, but I'm here.

It's a double edged sword, you want a "Caring Thug" because that's manly to you. I'm sorry that's not me. All I really want is to  be by your side and be happy to have you., but if that's not a real man to you, that i guess I don't qualify.

ASide from that. I guess I'm picky. I've rejected women purposely because I did not like the way they looked and or carried themselves.. I've even done that in my mind without approaching a woman.. I could be standing at a distance and observe and get a whole big picture . You "Profile them" Just as their online profiles are complete with everything that reflects them.

They Speak, or white and I may be turned off by the way they sound , their verbiage or their philosophy/ The Visual: How they dress, or keep their hair or their demeanor and character, Certain Physical features. You don't have to be a 10 but at least be nice looking (lol)  Their Actions.   The things they do could be a turn off. But mostly with that comes the unknown baggage of their past. guys in their lives, their babies. their families. their expectations.  what they believe is love.. all if that.. I guess it's only hard because everybody expects something greater than their own being. .. I just want Love from a woman.. All I want is equal love.. Allow me to show my love. That's all I want.  I don't expect much.


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