Monday, May 02, 2016

When It's Not what I Think, But It Is what it is..

Okay, I've stressed my mind by overthinking my situation with a friend. She's being pretty much more open with me than she ever has before, so I'll respect that for what it is. It just felt kind of weird. and made me feel like "I don't know"  But due to the fact that I respect her mind, her decisions and I that I love her to death. I just do my part and understand that I'm the privileged and that it's her way of showing love to me.

I love the friends I have, I respect them, I have a definite mutual understanding of where things should go between myself and my friends, Even with me may going overboard with things or joking too much or whatever the case may be. every time I talk to them is a gateway to discussing something that may be a bit personal or something that we've agreed not to discuss. those are the things I respect about my friends.

I Always say I need to go out and meet people to be with because my real friends are far away, well although that's true. I really don't need to be "crying about" being alone although that's how I may feel. I also felt Jealous because I'm not the "New Party" in my friends life. but I'm  okay with that at this point. in a protective way. but its all respect. and I love her for the priveledges I have a her friend.

Due to this PC being bound for shut down.. My Last words for this one is..
We gon' Make it!

- Book
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