Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Band Related Thoughts

Discipline: Understanding  the Concept of Band

One thing you gotta realize in band is that there are unwritten rules that apply when regarding discipline. A lot of people don't get it until it hits them in the face.
Go to the military and you'll realize that the "You can't tell me what to do" attitude. will get you killed in battle.

Same thing with band: your individuality makes you stick out beyond the section and or beyond the bands look. You don't abide by the code of conduct and uniformity. you may as well quit.

Later someone mentioned that sometimes following the rules in the military could get you killed or hurt, I do understand that. and it's true. That's where your own judgment stands sometimes. Obviously the goal in training is to prep yourself for the situation. therefore you gotta do your part to the best of your ability and be wise about what it is you do.. Grasp the concept and Feel, Let it move you!

Thoughts on the different community marching bands
These Summer Community Bands represent exactly what High School bands are capable of the difference is, in high school you're dealing with more beginners rather than experienced players.

Marching Tempo 

Bands tend to play and drill at 98 beats per minute these days. It's kinda weird because average marching & drill tune tempo 120-128 bpm and then you had that "Knighten Tempo" at Southern, which was like 144-150 bpm on average. Now days every tune in the stands is played at a rehearsal pace, It's like counting off a rap tune with 30 minute tuba break. it gets tiresome after a while.
Back then, alot of the music played were already written at upbeat tempos perfect for drilling (writing this while listening to Material Girl by Madonna) .. Now days it's like every song is at "We Don't Speed" Tempo, even in a drill.
Watch any SWAC bands footage on the field from 1985-1995 -2005-2015 Drill and Dance routines. they both are supposed to be at different paces, but over the years they both seem to be at the same pace ... it seems like every band has officially been chopped and screwed...
Bring back the 128 bpm shows

Using Social Media Platforms for Success

The best thing bands have is their social media platforms and what represents them, Because Any News Source can paint a picture, but when you are able to tell your own stories, things go how you want the world to see you,
I remember back in 2006, folks were spooked out about having cameras in and around the band during rehearsals,. FAMU practice, TSU Practice and SU practice clips were being posted during game weeks and Taken down, They were great videos but nobody wanted to be Exposed.. Then the Youtube Boom changed that... Especially after the hazing scandals which made the bands look bad, Now the bands get to show you what really goes on and how it can be fun and hard work with no "Madness" that you "hear" about.
My Philosophy is that We can only tell our stories, because if we don't no one else will. Those who do, Get Lucky, considering nobody else is really gonna cover them..

I'm done for the night guys, Thanx for reading.
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