Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flooding And Preparation

There are many ways to prepare for disaster, but the truth is, if you're gonna hunker down, your place could be the victim of circumstance, and if you Bug Out, you can't really take too much with you.. Either way, you gotta plan to sacrifice.

It's always best things that are essential to your daily functionality and survival, but you gotta prepare. and be Always Ready a head of time, because doing it amidst the danger, angst and panic could cause you to break.

For Katrina, I had little time to prep for anything, and the few things I took were things that I felt were important enough to keep me comfortable. at least for a week or two. I had no clue didn't Houston a whole year after. It took us all out of our comfort zones and changed the course of our lives. This current situation is a clear reminder that we've gotta prepare.

I Feel bad for those who are affected by flooding, especially those who lost all their possessions, I hope and pray for peace of mind and great fortune to you all.

- Book
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