Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TV Depictions on "What's in"

The television Industries takes on the time periods are always halfway spot on, yet it's like they take different aspects of the "Real" and exaggerate them based on what they think, not on what they know.
I was checking out 2 tv shows which where the main cast met some hippies / Beatniks ... Which were 2 types of things going on in the same era.. there were specific slang and things that went on with it... We heard much of it being portrayed in shows like the Brady bunch..
 Terms like "Groovy and Far Out" .. yet watching an episode of Beverley Hillbillies, when the Hippies came along, terms like "Go Ape". "Square" and "Chick" are being used... and then there were the mannerisms and attires of the hippies which stood out way differently especially than the hillbillies

Of course I'm a fan of time and culture pieces so i notice these kind of things
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