Wednesday, July 27, 2016

True to life: Seek and you Shall find

Sometimes we seek things that we really don't want to find. Sometimes we have questions for that which we really don't want to know the answer. Then we do and our Eureka moment causes us to react beyond emotion. The hardest thing to do if Channel all that great energy into positive thoughts and positive actions.

Based on my own actions in the past, That's how I feel. I tend to find my self on the positive side eventually. but I take my anger out by Writing and talking to My a few friends about those situations to get them out of my head. yeah sometimes I go in to territories that I shouldn't yet I find out things that I seek, even tho i don't want them ti be true. but It's life, You live, you learn.

Admitting what you're wrong for is also hard, but it's easier than acting like it had no affect on you.

I appreciate my time at that time, although it brought me pain I'm good with where I stand at the moment.
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