Sunday, December 18, 2016

Total Non-Stop Deletion: The Book's Obsolete Review

As you already know. I'm a wrestling fan. I'm no Guru, but I am a mark for the madness that is professional wrestling. Usually, I'm pretty keen on the tropes, regarding the kayfabe aspects of the sport, Most of the time, I partake in the facebook discussions, or talk about it with my brother or friends, which gives me less of a reason to blog.
Typically with my Wrestling posts reflecting on the show concepts from a fan perspective, I just take things for what they are. This time though, I just feel the need to put this one on record.  I'd consider Total Non-Stop Deletion awesomeness In a Can! I liked it just that much.

As stated, I'm an avid follower of pro wrestling. I mainly watch WWE Programming, but through the years I've loosely followed TNA and the others companies that are on the radar. I've followd their character concepts, their main eventers, The blogs,  forums etc, and although I may not be keen on it all, I'm a bit knowledgeable key elements that exist elsewhere.. The reason is mainly because my only access to all of it pro wrestling is Online.  I watch the videos, recaps, Podcasts etc. This won't be much of a review, but once again, here it goes.

Total Nonstop Deletion was A Masterpiece of Madness!

I loved It, It was crazy!  it was Outrageous! A little hard to follow, but outrageous nonetheless. I've followed the Broken Hardy characters for a while now  and It's evolved into something legendary, probably the best gimmick in TNA yet.  As for  "Total Non-Stop Deletion" I wish it was filmed totally independently and not under the TNA wing. On the contrary,  It being a TNA production is ultimately a great thing. The production was just wild!

There were tag teams and factions I'd never heard of, Some of the teams were associated directly with TNA, other's were not. There were cameos and matches which included a few superstars from other companies and who are faces from the past and present along with their gimmicks from yesteryear. LOL!

The event takes place at the Broken Hardy compound in the "Dome of Deletion", Cameron N.C.  The show starts out with a crazy Broken opening, The fake news report, alot of other madness.  There were TV spots by Senor Benjamin, you had King Maxell's in-ring Debut, Tumbleweed, Hornswoggle,  Abyss in the classic suit but with face paint instead of a mask. There was The Helms Dynasty, I really don't know the guys on the team but Helms as "Hurricane", He even did a "Three Count" session mentioning Shannon and Evan lol! There was The Rock N Roll Express, Animal of the Road Warriors and a plethora of folks who I either knew of or had no clue existed, Very nice!

It was an all around low key indy style production, The Actual Tag Team Apocolypto was nothing but madness on the side of the road, in the woods, near a lake and  everywhere else. There was that Drone with the Pyro, The Volcano, Ricky Moton being decended to the heavens! LOL it was silly, and stupid, yet fun and crazy. it's what pro wrestling TV is all about. The show wasn't about wins or losses. it was more like a superhero movie, or a zombie flick with too much going on, all that Makes for great TV. Abyss and Crazy Steve are Hilarious! Please note, I am not a Crazy Steve Fan because I feel that he came in at a pivital time in Sting's career where Sting had a Joker-ish character and IMO was doing the gimmick of Crazy Steve already. As for this Event, There was so much going on, you gotta watch it yourself to get the picture. This could be a thing! I loved it.

For the most part, whatever's going on in the heads of the Hardy's at the moment is great for Wrestling. Of course they may be biting off other gimmicks, but who cares?  Otherwise I must to familiarize myself the superstars I'm  unfamilar with.. it's wild, I don't keep up with TNA, but "Total-Non Stop Deletion" was worth watching. I give them an A+ for the Madness!

This was alot, I guess I'll Fade Away and classify myself as obsolete!  (OBSOLETE!) lol
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