Sunday, January 08, 2017

Everybody Struggles

All through life, we are introduced to examples of success. Though many mediums we've gotten to know everything about our favorite celebrities. It's typical to dream of having their wealth and status. We do it because we assume they are living well. What kills it for us is when we find out about their struggles, it validates our reasons to not want live their lives.

Aside from being in the public eye via tabloids or in the news. Celebrities lead more public lives. We get to tap into their lives on social media, watching them share the good and sometimes the bad things. We love them all for what they do. Watching them struggle is the scary part. That's simply because we really don't want to see them down and out.

It's easy to assume they'd be happy to have fame and wealth but it's just not that simple. I grew up watching Orlando Brown On TV. I thought he would grow up to have a decent acting career. But nowadays he's making random tell all videos and interviews. It's easy to dismiss it all as an act, But his speech patterns and behavior are a clear sign there's something wrong. I think it's mental illness. He's a major example of why folks shouldn't desire to be in a celebrities shoes. As fans, we want them to lead a decent of a life. We have high expectations of them because they are in the limelight. We also make jokes about their problems. We do so as if we don't have friends or relatives dealing with the same thing.

At the end of the day, It's easier to just be yourself.
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