Sunday, January 08, 2017

Phone Brand, Models and Operating Systems.

I find myself posting about the use of mobile devices on facebook a lot.More specifically, cellular phones. Most phone users only know the brand and model they are using. Many don't have a clue about the operating system they're on. If you aren't sure, that's okay. But, if you plan on starting a fanboy argument, the least you could do is make the right comparisons.

  • Brand vs. model. 
  • Operating system vs. brand. 
  • Service provider vs. brand or model

In conversations as such, it's not fair to say iPhone is better than T-Moble because T-Mobile is a service provider that sells iPhones.

Here's a legend for the masses:

Apple is the Brand. (and Original Equipment Manufacturer.)
iPhone is a device.
iPhone 7 is a model.
iOS is the operating system.

Microsoft is a brand. (and OEM)
Lumia is a device.
Lumia 950 is a model.
Windows is an operating system.

Google - brand. (and OEM)
Pixel - device.
Pixel Silver - model.
Android - operating system.

Samsung is a brand. (and OEM)
Samsung phone is a device.
Galaxy S is a model.
Galaxy Note is a model.
Android is an operating system.

It's way deeper than that when discussing the entire makeup of each device. Though each brand makes their own products, Samsung doesn't produce its own operating system.Samsung Operating systems are provided via a license agreement with Microsoft and Google. On top of that, they were even sued for products having a touch screen technology patented by Apple. Therefore Samsung wouldn't be the company it is today if You, the consumer didn't buy their products There are your major differences. lol
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