Friday, January 06, 2017

Popcorn | The Dream

On Facebook just days before Carl's funeral. I woke up to a dream where he popped up, then faded away. As mentioned in the last thread, during the funeral Carl's aunt reflected on giving him the nickname Popcorn. It was very touching considering I had such a dream. Posted below is a loosely revised version of the thread I made that morning.(Screenshot Beneath)

Man, I had this dream where I'm at TxSU's band room and many alumni are there. While In the Hall, I spotted Carl at a distance standing by the wall. We both gave a signal acknowledging each others presence. As I walked over to give him a handshake he stepped forward but vanished away. Standing in his exact location was a girl. She asked me "What are you doing that for?" I replied, "I thought I saw Carl." She, along with a group of girls walked away crying. Gip comes up to me to suggesting that we take a picture for Facebook. As I set up the phone, It stopped working. I heard Carl's voice from behind. "I'll take it with my iPhone" When I stood up to give him the phone I saw him once again vanishing away, This time the band hall had a mural on the Wall resembled New Orleans. Gip and I both did a double take, shaking our heads and smiling at the same time. Gip's like "Yeah Book, He's Gone."

That's a dream for ya!
The screenshot below is the original post. I made revisions for obvious reasons. Although I added more detail from the dream. There were occurrences purposely left out due to its irrelevance to encountering Carl. Such as a brief convo with our former band director about marching again.


Carl's death came as a shock to us all, That's likely why I dreamt of him. Hearing some of the great things about him was just a reminder of how great he was. With his aunt revealing her nickname for him, it's no wonder he popped up in my dream! Thanks, Carl!

You'll be missed!
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