Friday, January 06, 2017

Reflecting on the 31st.

December 31st was the last day of the year of 2016, as it is the last day of every year. (Obviously!)

The homegoing services for Carl Barbarin made this day a bit more special. His funeral was held at Beacon Light Cathedral. I left my home at 9 am to take that walk to the church. The whole time I'm thinking to myself, "I still can't believe this, Why now? Carl had so going for himself only to die so soon."

It was such a surreal feeling to approach the building. Especially after greeting a few fellow bandsmen, band directors and friends while standing outside. Viewing Carl's body was a point where reality hit. I stood reflecting for a moment before taking a seat among friends from Houston.

The service was beautiful, and so were the stories from former band directors, relatives, the songs, the musical tribute, as well as Bishop Brister closing with a sermon on Psalm 23. I could say The spirit of Carl was in that room, yet it was the Spirit of GOD that was present.

Some Notable things:

After Carl's band director, Mr. Rawlins reflected on Carl's life. My friends Robin and Vinetta took the stage to represent our organization NOLA-B, They presented a scholarship fund in Carl's honor. Talladega College's Band director Mr. Bonds also took the stage to announce a scholarship in Carl's honor. There was also a musical Tribute by Eric Gordon & Chris Cotton which were our fellow band mates and frat brothers of Carl's. And lastly a tribute from the president of Upsilon Phi Upsilon, an organization in which Carl was a member of.

Carl was well known due to his association with many High School and University Bands, We would often joke with him about it. He would be furious but totally understood that we all respected his mission. We were very proud of him for fishing the job, and even happier that he came home to teach. Carl had great potential and was just getting started.

This brings me to his aunt's reflection childhood nickname:

She told a story of Carl as a child, randomly popping up at her house to play with his cousins. Because of this, she gave him the nickname Popcorn, The Church Laughed, as she stated how that name became a clear reflection on how Carl lived his life. He was not afraid to make moves when It benefited him in a great way. As his aunt stated, Carl Lived life with no regrets.

There are so many other points I could mention, but I'll keep those in my heart. The service went on till maybe 11:45 before the final viewing of the body. Just outside, the Hurst and band awaited the body to began the dirge. This in celebration, turned into an impromptu second line to the funeral home. Although I didn't, follow the band. Leaving the building was like a band member meet & greet. Some of those people I hadn't seen in years, others I had just met that day. It was a Beautiful day.

Later in the day, I watched videos posted from beneath the Claiborne Bridge. some of the guys who were at the funeral got together with instruments to Crank in honor of Carl's life. If only he could have been here to see this!

Rest On Carl! You'll never be forgotten!

- Book
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