Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A stand alone website just won't cut it anymore

It's like, you have to have all 3rd party services to stay relevant in peoples minds, Constantly updating your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Etc will keep people following you. engagement works even more.

The only problem I have with it is, It keeps fans on the 3rd party sites, thus making your branded website less interesting. It's not easy diverting traffic to a website unless promoted heavily.

With that, said, nobody cares for Mobile Web, they want apps. and if you don't have one, it's like being unavailable. That's what makes the 3rd party platforms work when it comes to hosting communities.

I started a Reddit for Bandheads, but the average person doesn't use Reddit because forums are old school.Yet the website I admin, has a forum but people left us high and dry for Facebook groups.  The problem with that is, It takes away from the communities themselves.

I started a Bandhead Reddit to gather the band heads that may be on Reddit. As well as to once again bring our culture into the public eye again.  Private Facebook groups aren't the greatest thing for the craft. but that's what they do now.

I see a lot of fan based Instagram's which is cool, but what they fail to do is host and curate their own content. they post other peoples things. that's a brand killer. Many of us YouTubers worked very hard to build a brand, yet folks take our videos and run amok with them by uploading them to their Instagrams or youtube... It goes on and on.

I'm old school. All I want is for folks to return Band Discussions to Band websites.
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