Monday, August 28, 2017

Thinking About Houston

My prayers to all of you who lost something. Use your resources to gain the support to get back on your feet. It's hard to prepare for things that you've never experienced. You also can't blame those who couldn't help themselves for not having the same resources as those who were able to evacuate.

I've watched the news, I've seen the Facebook posts of many of my friends and it sucks that I can't do much about it but pass information. I even see the President of the Non-Profit I was part of in Houston is even flooded out. That's just wild to me.

We've seen What Allison did to Houston before, We've seen what Katrina did to New Orleans We've seen what Heavy Rain could do to many other cities, Now Houston again.  It's really hard to prep to leave when you love where you stay. It's no laughing matter. but I hope those who are feeling down can get back strong and even have a laugh amidst the dangers.  Be Safe Texans!

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