Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mike is Wild

Man.. The Boy has an IM for Facebook called Airwaves! .. I cant believe he's programing now. lol no lie, every time i see him do something it inspires me because we're both from N.O. the difference is that He's by way of ATL. he's also been computer savvy longer than i have. But I've also realized that although we have similar interests, our goals are totally different. I actually wish i was on his skill level. I'm more of The Web 2.0 head, He's the Potential Expert Programmer, I don't want to do that. well.. its not a focus atleast I just want to Be in The Non Profit Org Business in the end .. or at least use my skills to teach more people. thats about all. lol. All I need to do is get educated, 6 Self Taught years and 2 years Pro experience is Great, But I want is the Degree! to keep that up!.. technically i NEED one. but man, I could start my own business if i felt like it I have many Ideas.

he's actually posted a thread on Showtimemag (his band website) In relation to EVERY TECH BLOG Such as Mashable and Download Squad that's linked to him and Airwaves. The Man in Unstoppable right now!.

....AND because i know he'll see this, im just gonna have to Express my HATRED!! FOR ATLANTA BANDS!! .. just kidding! .. yall know I'm a bandhead and and i love it!

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