Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sex-Education for Youth

I've been watching in the news not only recently but for the past few years, the talk has been of Sex Education being taught generally in schools according to grade level / as a whole and/or Should it be up,to the parent to teach or even if parents, should have the option of letting their voting against this and so on and so on.

Well,. I Think I could understand where some of these parents and news people are coming from with their opinions against sex ed in schools. But for me, I think its the right thing to do In Middle school because thats a time where kids need to know what they're getting to.

Here In New Orleans we had kids pregnant by 13 and on drugs by 12 and everything else with that said I'll let you know how The Health and PE classes went at my Jr. High.

I went to Edward H. Phillips Jr. High School in New Orleans louisiana. From 7th Grade 'til 9th. the school began at 6th and for us. This is how it was

  • 6th and 7th Graders took General Health Education and P.E (Health 1). - This Course was only about General Health Issues, such as hygiene and Social Behaviors and or what to do in certain health situations. It was like giving us a purpose to Stay Clean , eat right and Also be active for else we'd become unhealthy. You know just General knowledge on the things we go in During puberty
  • 8th Graders took Sex Education and P.E (Health 2) - This Course basically thought us how sex organs work. The Parts, in that anatomic area. Pregnancy, The Health Issues that come along with Sex and Proper Terms of Those body parts, Definitions of STD's. and we even had quizes and open discussion about it.
  • In 9th Graders took Health 3 and P.E - this Class was basically about Educating kids on Illegal Drug and Alcohol Usage, The Types of drugs, The Effects and Consequences of the usage and how to avoid being involved in them.
The thing about these classes is that each student had to sign papers stating
.. My Child (Name Goes Here) Can or can not Take Part of this leaning Experience. for This reason.
Basically!!... and who ever didn't bring in their slips they Couldn't take the course. But i feel that it was a great learning experience

Now, In My Opinion Those Classes were Needed and they helped me stay away i can tell you that much. Abstinence was always preached and well I took Heed. I don't know about everybody else, because they were just doing things unknowingly and Just because they have can.

many of those folks are either dead or have had sex before high school .. and thats sad.

But this brings me back to the beginning. The Public School System should Be allowed to teach Kids about sex education in their Teens, After all, they're being Tempted already...

See, we had The Dare Program in 6th Grade.. That was mainly about discipline and fighting peer pressure. it only taught that Drugs and Alcohol were Bad and that we should avoid them. They didn't name drugs nor say what they Do. or anything .. They just gave basics .. Do bad .. You Die... Do good. You Live .. D A R E .. ya know ..

But still It all worked out for the better for some of us.
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