Friday, February 06, 2009

Nola Comment of the Moment...

Just Like I Mentioned in that entry yesterday... Look at how They mention things

Here is an articles/taglines in yellow with comment in green :

A Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office corrections officer was booked Thursday with theft for stealing from an inmate, according to a Sheriff's Office arrest report.
Posted by razednbigez on 02/06/09 at 12:02PM

In Jefferson Parish?! Who would have ever thunk it? Im even more surprised they even spelled the name of the parish correctly. I was looking for New...... something or another. Shame on Jefferson Parish, how could they stoop so low? Don't they even pay their employees?

YA SEE HOW THEY DO????..... I guess Razednbigez got GANKED ..(lol i haven't used that word in a while) .. I guess JPSO is supposed to be the Perfect Police

On the Grimes Shooting Case. They called NOPD and Grimes "Thugs" ... SMH..

I guess Jefferson are now Thugs too huh?


Armed robber steals suitcase full of money from Fair Grounds
Posted by humblehumbra on 02/06/09 at 12:23PM

I can't wait till all three are arrested and deep fried. This is a poor example of a ghetto style hustle.

Those three make me sick, I'm puking right now.

Got to love 'da seventh ward'.

Did I mention most of NOLA is a ghetto?

SEE THAT!!??? .. That's the Kind of stuff that Gets me...

What Makes That situation GHETTO? ...
... What Makes Most Of New Orleans A Ghetto?

.. I Need To Know....
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