Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Day The Music Died

Aside from the Many other things that have occurred in February along with the pagan religious and government holidays. such as Groundhog day, St. Valentines day, Mardi Gras (carnival, fat teusday, ash wednesday and so on)... and even with all that interupting the fact that it's Black History Month..

Today on February 1959, 3 big time rock stars died in a Plane Crash.. Those Singers were none other than.. Richie Valins, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper Himself J.P. Richardson..

Here's is a Broadcast Recording of a Radio Report. (Click Here)

Although I don't listen to their music. Those names and their music have been heard many times in the media for years... whether it be Movie, Documentary, Commercial Advertizement. These Names and music are Very Familiar. With that Said .. Hearing that now Knowing they died Decades before I was Born, makes me wonder what was on their minds before that plane crashed down . Kinda Eerie dont you think?
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