Sunday, February 01, 2009

One Time at wal-mart ..

well yeah. I went to wal mart and came out with Nothing. I was going top purchase some walking shoes just to wear on a walking day. I would have got something but there were too many people in there... II was lookin' 4 an Ipod or Zune over 40gb .. The prices were a run 4 my money so thats another reason I got nothing.. I also Saw an 8 gb memory card that I might get for my cam sometime this month... I guess i'll hold my money until BCFX comes out.. Man I don't know why But Them Wal-March Girls are a trip.. Trying to Look Extra Sexy ehen they're overdoing it ..LOL .. doesn't look good all the time..

I also Took a Ride Thru The Uptown Hoods .. The New St Thomas , New Melpomene, The Calliope which isn't there, The Magnolia. which has been standing unused since pre-katrina. I also went around the St. Bernard, it was my last stop because I bought me a sandwich from the Place .. Other than that.. Beautiful day.. I spent it looking for Signs of the Illuminati, I should have took My Picture cam.. LOL .. I'm A Conspiracy theorist . I don't blog about it much because I don't want to get on anyone's Bad side about my beliefs and The Whole Freemasonry thing. I know too many of them and They'll just deny or condemn the whole ordeal. so I leave it alone .. At the same time They Deny and Condemn those things because In Defence of their org. and thats all..
..LOL anyway ..

Came home Just in Time For The Superbowl and have been Talking to Jermani Since about the time i began this blog post really really..LOL .. it's 7:32... I stopped typing to talk with

yeah The Usual.. I don't really watch football but when the bowl is on, it's like a holiday.. LOL
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