Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

Due to sitting at this desk for hours yesterday, I find myself up with Back pains. What sux is that it hurts when I walk. I have to rest my body!.

If you didn’t know. in January 2003 I’ve had surgery on my lower back due to a pinched nerve and herniated disk. Unfortunately I’ll forever have pain in the area. Near my Lumbar because of it.  Today is just one of those days where the pain is Back. I just hope I’m up for Partying Sunday during the Michael Jackson Festivities taking place Sunday. 

It sux that I’m in pain. I should be lying down as we speak. I'll attempt to get rest tomorrow. .. Try to stay in my bed ya know.

It’s been 6 years I don’t want to have to have a surgery again. What I really need to do is lose weight. I’m a heavily uncomfortable fat man. and it’s a very sad thing.

Although I love myself. I dislike the fact that I have this kind of problem.

Nobody’s perfect though ..

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