Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Forever!


Michael Jackson 11cMichael Jackson has Inspired many in the world that we live. He was a GREAT  talent , the King of it all. The Best Their Is, The Best Their was and the best their ever will be… UNDESPUTED CHAMPION OF MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT!

Michael Is Music. that’s all i can say.

I Grew up singing his Music, dancing to his music Just like everyone else.  The First Movie I could ever remember seeing of Michaels was Moonwalker, back in Pre-K 1988. From then, I was Hooked.  I have been looking at Music Videos all day And it reminds me of My Life coming up and attaching those songs to females i may have liked. or  Things I admired etc. 

I listened to Michaels songs in Every Mood, Happiness, Sadness, Excitement. Love… he has a song for every Mood and situation.  it’s just so amazing.

Michaels Spirit will live on in the world of Music. Through Marching Band, their are many songs our bands have played. of Michael’s and The Jackson Family. it’s just amazing that a Legend Died so soon. 

Forever #1Michael Jackson CAN’T DIE!!.. HE’S  MICHAEL JACKSON!

I can’t even speak on it anymore..

Mike Will be Missed *Tear*

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