Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sexy Light Skinned People | A Facebook Group I Don’t agree With


So I’m on Facebook and I ran across this group. called “Sexy Light skinned people, with a Subtitle in parentheses (No disrespect to Dark skinned People)… I Despise of that . This group consists of 77 pages of photos of people who consider themselves “Light Skinned.  Some of them are Not Light skinned, Some of them are not Black people. and some of them are White.

At this point, I ask the question, Where do you draw the line? how is it that they don’t see  that they’re discriminating against their own people by doing this? I know  It’s not THAT serious, but I still think it’s stupid to have these folks round up for their photos to be judged on their looks as compared to their skin tone.... and the usual comment is this  “You Sexy” or “You Cute” smh.. What kind of world are they living in? lol…

Here are the Screen shots and Some of the People in this group. 
Note: They Put themselves in this public group, therefore I have a right to publicly use these pics. That’s just how it works…

Screenshot First..


I Blurred out the spamimage

With that, I bring you The Photos of some of the Members of This Group!

Both Males and Females are in this group, they’re all of a Lighter skin tone. but had it been the early 1900’s they sure wouldn’t have made the cut. had it been Slavery they’d all be the first to put themselves up on the auction block too.   the reason I say this is because by acknowledging your skin tone as a way to separate yourselves from your darker brother and Sisters is letting the world know that you’re not comfortable with who you really are.

Some of the people on this pictures will have heavy make up and/ or Hair lighter than their faces..  check these out.



image image image

Note: The Caption under the Baby’s photo was this..

she's beautiful but she isn't light skin …said by a girl named EBONY

Here’s Ebony’s pic (left) .. the rest are just other “light skinned” people



image image image

There You Have It.

These are The Black people who associate themselves with the Lighter shade of brown, or may call themselves Red, Redbones or Yellow Bones. Some of these people should do a double take and realize that they’ve just separated themselves from normal black people.

There were many other members who were Lighter than This bunch. But here, I wanted to show you how Dark “light skinned” can be.   These are the people who would have wanted to be “Accepted” back when It wasn’t cool to be “Colored”.

it’s the same reason people have parties like this


and I’m guessing The Only Qualification is this.



Shame on Them For Falling For Ignorance


Note From The Book

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