Friday, February 26, 2010

Boot-up Scanning

So I went throwback and i downloaded Avast. I've rarely used this program on my own pc's since Microsoft Security Essentials came about. But due to its ability to do a scan at boot up. I've decided to install it temporarily. 

So far it's detected the file (as MSE also did).. Likewise it asked if i wanted to Delete / Repair or Quarantine ithe particular file.. After attempting to Repair..  I got a Repair error..therefore I deleted the file.. so hopefully when it loads up this time it'll be gone for good.. I will Report !! lol..

At this point its showing me another corrupted file in which my brother downloaded   The File
CrossFire_Setup_v1028.exe   . it says  RF017.REZ Error 42145 ...The Installer Archive is Corrupted..

Here's another  (I realize this is just a bunch of unnecessary junk he's downloaded) 
PopularScreensaversetup2.3.50.56.ZRman000.exe.   <-- SMH  at that file... Here's the rest .. mwsSetup.Commomcodebase.exe  Embedded_R#MWSBAR.DLL is Infected bu Win32"PUP-Gen [PUP]
it's nw deleted Along with the same another file within that corrupted executable of the same virus...

At this Point.. I realize that this is from him downloading all that Junkware like password generators and Code helpers for his game system. smh.. gotta be more careful...I guess i'll delete some stuff off of it when its done scanning

 aside from that he had all the obvious mal-ware detected prior to this particular scan i'm doing now..  This has to be the worst i've dealt with on a Vista PC.. 

I think my nephew and nieces had something to do with him getting all that though... I'll be back. This scan is at 94%...  I'll have The Results later

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