Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why they come at me like that

Like Seriously…. This dude tried to come at me Sideways with some junk that he wasn’t there doing and questioning my being? come on now man.  you’ve never met me but you’ve heard it all.. Somebody told this cat that i followed the band throughout the whole parade.. That also means that that particular observer was there looking on and said no word to me about anything..

These folks see me, I aint a bad dude. why don’t they come talk to me before judging my being? seriously.. I see I have Haters near and far. Yet they know nothing about me other than that I tape this band stuff.  
Then You’re gonna try to tell me how i should do it? while comparing me to somebody who I know has been taping these bands since forever.. .. for me this is a big learning process. I can do that on my own.. I’m just trying to provide clips for the masses. so they all can be discussed.
.. LIFE!

Onlookers Look, They try to find fault. but they can’t do what I’m doing. Therefore I have the Privilege of Being who I am.

They think they Know me, But they only know what I allow them to know… .hmm..
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