Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Grandfather Has Passed

image At about 8 or 9 o’clock my brother came over and broke the news to me. It made me Jump. but that was my only reaction then. just thinking about it hurts though.

My Brother and I talked up until my parents made it home… He received the News from my sister. she informed him that my dad was called to an emergency situation at the Nursing Home where he was recently began residing. That Nursing home is the place where my mom works..

When My Parents made it home, My mom talked to us for a brief moment (now she’s on the phone informing a few others) … But yeah, She told us that she had just left the room after praying with him. He wasn’t fully awake because at the time he was sleeping.

my mom said he clutched her hand and she began to pray for his well being. and while on her way back to her work area, she was called by a top medical official in the building where they informed her that my grandfather had passed. She Cried saying that she had just left him and he was alive and well, and just like that he was gone.

With that said..  My Mom has been working with people who have died during her work hours many times, but this being her father in law. and we know of the recent situation he was in. It hurts.

My Dad is my grandfathers first son. He’s has been dealing with the stressful situation of preparing info and paperwork from the time my grandfather had the stroke about a month ago. till now… So I Know How he’s feeling.. since then he hasnt really had private time to himself. i know he talked to my brother Jaime  and that’s all. but man. it’s wild to me. and like Jaime said.. every time he comes back to N.O. it’s always for something such as a family death.

Only about a week ago my grandfather entered the nursing home where my mom works. 

This is all after being discharged from the recovery center where he didn't really want to co-operate with the people. and even when he tried things weren't working right. so with him being a strong man. we thought he’s survive this and come out walking strong…  little did we know, it was only the beginning of his body shutting down on him.

For me,Sometimes I wish I could have talked to him. especially within the last two years. I feel like I lost the only true link in my family that knows the back history of my family name. aside from that.  generally I wish i had known him more than what i do now.  At this funeral i will see people I have never known before. I may even see people who I know, yet those of who i never knew i was related to.

The Next Two weeks are going to be hard on my father and his siblings as well as for the children of my grandfathers wife. (who died years before the storm) ..

But thins will be alright.. It was his time.. and time brings on changes..  God has called upon another good man.

My Grandpa, Louis P. Cousin, Rest In Peace.

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