Monday, April 12, 2010

What Is Treme? | Asked By a New Orleans Kid.

This is why we all need to learn something about our own cities.

I’m on facebook and That question was asked by a high Schooler who goes through that area normally.


The Wild part is Terri’s Response, and then The response afterward.

To be honest, I didn’t know where Treme was until I was in 5th grade.  I grew up in the St. Bernard Project. the only time I've been in or around Treme was during Mardi Gras. or going on school field trips in the area to the Recreation center  or Museum there.  and it’s still like that today. I only go in Treme when i have a reason to be back there.

But man, I’ve learned about the historical Value of Treme long before High School. There was a Documentary about the musicians from the Treme area and how many followed in the footsteps of the late Great Louis Armstrong as as well as Entertainers alike.  

Although the neighborhood has alot of criminal activity now It’ll never overshadow its great history. Treme is a well appreciated landmark for tourist to explore and for locals to love.  This goes way back in to slavery….  Without Treme there would be no Congo Square/Louis Armstrong Park or  Jazz Fest.

These are the things you can’t learn from books. You have to listen to the elders who lived there in the 40’s  and 50’s.

A Few years before my grandma passed she even told me that she never understood why we have turf wars because the truth is that majority of their Grandmas and Great Grandmas are all from the same neighborhood.  That neighborhood being Treme or areas Adjacent to it.

Aside from that.  so many Random Things that happened on today's date till it aint funny. Not to side track you all but here’s what i realized.

A New Neighborhood Just had a grand opening. The Former St. Bernard Community is now Columbia Parc. in the area they’re now calling The Bayou District, That’s a Great thing. but the Breaking News that Countered that story was a Shooting in a nearby neighborhood.  3 people were shot, 4 others were shot in other parts of the city. This also brings be back to the Treme and the Quadruple Murder and other recent murders  in the area only days Prior to the shows debut. it’s just that crazy out here. This also brings me The 7 shot and others injured during the French Quarter weekend, no less than 24 hours after  the Republican Leadership Conference. For every bit of progress there’s failure.  I see this all the time..

Everything I said in that last paragraph is part of the reason you should know where you live. The Area I once stayed in Had a history of Violence long before I was born.  I was Born Within a community  in which I did not belong yet It was all i knew. therefore I can say I loved my Neighborhood. and tried to learn as much as i could about the area. Katrina led me out and Now that I’m back and the Hood is gone and Renewed.  Lets just hope history doesn’t repeat itself.


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