Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Cousin’s Graduation party just got over

yep celebrated right here in my back yard, we prepared for this for the whole week. aside from myself going to Walker for practice and doing some other things..

Man.. why of all things my brother had to ruin my fun. I’m steady taking pics and he yells “hey bruh, Another family member dun graduated don’t let her pass you up. you need to get a job” …

,.. That Ruined my night.. This man just doesn’t understand that I can’t work anywhere. but when I do. He’s gonna tell me how fake my job is.. that’s why i dont like to be bothered with him.

He went home because my dad told him something .. yeah the “hush police” came by to tell us to cut the noise.  He walked up toward the car looking all crazy.. my dad stopped him and told him to not do that.  The Police was actually out telling the other kids to stay near the party and not by the cars in the lot because it IS passed Curfew..  ya know..

.. yeah man, but I have alot on my plate between today and Monday. Hopefully my weekend will be a good one.

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