Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dealing with Stupid people on social networks

So After all the greatness that happened over the past week in honor Brandon’s homegoing. I get back to this website to see offensive comments toward some folks on the site which were also in reference to Brandon's death.

Recently After the death of Brandon, Wil Rawlins and other directors in the city put together A Special All Star band to play for the funeral. The Clips have been getting great reviews. Outside of that, there were forum discussions mentioning the band. One comment basically changed the whole tone of a thread.

Thread asking “Who Would be a good challenger for them?”  a user name 1001WATTS replies “a good challenge for them would be another flood..”  One of the members got offended, they argued back and fourth, … It was The Comment Made by 1001 Watts that Made me band him.

001 ŴǺŦŦŽ said:
bet you wont say that !&%@# to a Hurricane
Maybe it should of been you that got shot

I Personally Didn’t find that Funny at all So I Banned The Guy…

Afterwards he Registered Twice using B’s Name posting Pics of Dead bodies and Videos from Boondocks, along with Multiple Threads labeled “I Got Shot” … Apparently this guy has no life and no regard for tragedy.

He’s still doing this stuff at the moment. I can’t ban his IP. what I did do is make a new Thread directed toward him..

  You Think It’s a Game, But It’s No Laughing Matter

Ending it with this..

We Started the band In Honor of a man who was greatly appreciated amongst New Orleans Local Musicians and Band Members.

I think it's pretty weak... you should stop registering and get a life..

I Also Mentioned that Usually I’d let Banned members back if it’s something small, but all that repetitive mess is unnecessary

Yeah, I took this to heart because this sis someone who I Knew. and he’s talking about My city.. but hey.. he took it too far and doesn’t deserve to be a member on the site. I called the site owner and told him what was going on.. It’s really something we cant do much about..

.. I’m out..


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