Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Video: All Star Band Tribute Brandon Franklin


What You see in this video is a marching band made up of students and alumni of the New Orleans Metro Area Schools paying Homage to a Man of Music, The Late Brandon Franklin.

During the Final Practice (Last Wednesday) Rawlins told us of a Conversation he once had with Brandon.  Although they both were Joking at the time, Like any other Bandhead, One of Brandon’s wishes was that He would like every band in New Orleans to play at His funeral if he dies. Rawlins Decided to make it happen and what he got was An influx of 300+  Willing to participate. 

By the date of the funeral The band was only around 180 or so members (of course people who were at work couldn’t make the funeral) .. But the point is that With very little time, Rawlins and the Bandsmen of New Orleans made it happen in honor of Brandon.

At this point we all were thinking, If we can come together for 1 mans death. we know this can work beyond it. I’ll get in to detail about that Later.  Hope you all enjoyed clip.

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