Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where’s Captain Planet When You Need Him?

This Oil Spill, or shall I say Oil Eruption is Hurting the Gulf Coast in beyond human control. It’s going to be Years before that stuff is fully cleaned up. As long as its Spewing into the Gulf and hitting it will destroy the coast and the lives of the people in the seafood business as well as the coastal restoration business.  Aside from that, it’s mass pollution of the environment.

I was sitting here yesterday talking to Kelley about this.  Just Imagine if a Hurricane comes, that oil will be picked up and thrown all over the coast, eventually causing more pollution wherever it lands.  workers are getting sick, The Oil is getting Thicker and The Effort to Cap this thing has Failed Twice already.

In My Opinion, This is just one of the Many issues you get when you suck the Lifeblood out of the Earth. I honestly believe that only an earthquake can cap the hole in the earth.

Obama is getting his Photo Op on.. Just like Katrina and Bush. Obama’s being blamed for the slow effort for the Clean up. but it’s not much you can do to Clean up if the Oil is steadily bursting out of earth.  Obama said something about talking with Jindal and The Army Corps of Engineers about creating a Seawall  or Sand Island of some sort to Block  the spill.  It could work, but where will this sand come from and how much will be needed?

At this point I thought of one of the Theories about how the Castles of the Ancient times were built.  Basically Chipping away at Mountains or Even the Grand Canyon could help create the Man Made Island as a Levee-Like Barrier to control or Trap the Oil. They could  Recreate one of the former Islands that were once off the coast of LA which are now considered to be Dead-zones. But I think those zones are not really in the oils paths.

But with that said, I also thought about That same theory to be used to even Fix or fill in where the coast have eroded long before this spill.  The only thing about that would be covering the Marshlands or changing the current of the waterways (which were partially Man Made anyway) .. What’s crazy about that is.. having a man made island could change the flow of the water period, and could possibly be way to change hurricane patterns. If that’s even possible.

at this point. my Only Question is…

Where’s Captain Planet when You Need Him? 

The Power Is Yours!”

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