Sunday, May 30, 2010

Radio Activity | The Bass Part

That’s the Bass (Tuba) Part I wrote for a song Radio Activity, I Completed the song months ago. but this was the first screen-print i’ve done of it.

I’ve heard 3 Versions of the song and I took alittle from each.
All though The Bass Part  is basically the same rhythm in all versions, is not fully Based off the Original Version by Royal Cash

This one is a is more on the lines of “Radio Activity Rapp” by MC Frosty &  Lovin’ C.

The Melody I came from the version by The Arcade Gang called “Radio Activity Syndrome

Otherwise The song is very much known as “Let’s Jam”.. the crazy part to me is that alot of people don’t like the song. but I do. I guess it’s because I think the bass part is cool. LOL.

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