Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Opinions Seem To Make People Furious

Okay, So Earlier today the a guy on my list wanted me to see a Documentary he’s coming up with about Twirling Cymbals and the whole Zildjian Frat thing that was created because of it.

I Replied to him “I saw That Already!”  which I did.. I think the stuff is cool. I was watching latest video on  the youtube page though and I decided to make a comment to see how folk respond.

I Wrote this as a status:

I hope this movie about Twirling Z's starts off in the Heart of New Orleans and takes it strate to SU.. because other than that There is no other Origin.. I think this Kat from JSU is Jivin' us on the slick.. making himself look like the ultimate innovator of twirling... We have LEGENDS who never been in college band.. They need a Documentary...

A Few people Respond, and then he responds and he was upset. I didn’t expect’em to take it so seriously but here it goes.

D. Hollywood Writes:

..hold on pimpin...this is about everybody..this was only a trailer....i aint finished...and yes the dudes from jsu taught me and they were from i know where twirling came from..if u know me i give props to New Orleans all the time...i know my history...this trailer was a sellin point to get zildjian on our side..and it worked..i aint jivin nobody..i wouldn't dare do anybody like that....I'm on the kids side to be honest....i never said i invited before u start talking wait until its finished....because i got the father of z phi z and nigga that taught me from the n.o... so check a nigga motives before u judge them..cause that aint me...i show love to everyone bruh....

And I Responded

I gotchu. I just gotta throw it out there. its a great thing though. What I'm lookin at is that every few years there's a dog that's an innovator of the game... I like the whole thing. I'm not criticizing I'm just statin’ what I want to see lol. I wanna hear some stories of cats who burned people waiting 4 the bus... Or in a parade.. Of in 3rd grade lol on them smedium FAMU size 13s lol

That was all written originally by mobile device. I logged back on to a PC  to send him a Message where I saw that he had deleted me from his contacts.  That’s here I saw his status saying “The More You’re Known The More Haters Grow” or something like that.. yeah I assumed he was referring to me. but That’s of no concern to me.

I Wrote to Him prior to him re-adding me:

Come On Man
I was saying how i Felt about it.
It's great to be an innovator in the game, but with a lot of the focus on yourself, folks are getting the impression. that you're just putting yourself out as the Master of it all. I got that out of the comments of reading TSPN Forum. as for me I wasn't expecting you to take that status seriously. but like i said, But as i said I heard of some legends that ain't never hit a HBCU and they deserve to be part of a Doc. ..and of course you are doing it on behalf of them I Love the whole Idea and I'm glad it all exists. I just chose to write it in my status to see how folks respond. that's what FB is for….

I ain't a Hater

.. at this Point I havent gotten a reply from him. and other than that I got  “Likes” to the status.

Sometime later I get this reply from CJ:

This whole post post immature as fuck. The nigga on your friend list. U could have sent a private message. This some real hoe shit u did for responses. Im gone tell u its some hoe ehit because I know derron and know he gone respond the "good boy" way.

I Respond

CJ I was just putting it out there this way because i wanted to see how folks respond. i did send a message after the fact tho. I wasn't saying it to disrespect the dude .. i wasn't even expected him to take it seriously. generally I'm saying what I wanna see. there's a whole thread about it on TSPN and cats are saying how they feel there. but i cant give my opinion here?

CJ Responds Again.

Cats on the swacpage may have not had the outlet to go to him directly. u did. that's what made it a hoe move. you said yourself you did that shit for a response. The way u came at him was very disrespectful . you basically said "who the fuck this nigga think he is " If u want n.o. featured in a documentary then put your money up and make your own shit. you being disrespectful because u want n.o. to get some shine

I was going to respond to this via facebook, but I decided not to because I didn’t want to have to keep it going.

Maybe I’m wrong for being so harsh toward the fact that he’s put himself as the forefront of the documentary. and yeah I should have went to him before making a public comment. otherwise.  I don’t think the status should have been taken so seriously. I’m not telling him what to do. Nor did i call him any kind of . I just stated how i felt as a project as a whole based on the trailers. The Dude’s gonna get similar feedback from others sooner or later and it wont be said directly to him.

it’s like CJ’s saying that people who have no direct connection to the creator can speak freely. but  apparently I cant simply because I’m connected to the dude.  Once Again I get called out of my name for speaking my mind.  At least this dude Knows that I’m talking about his work unlike the many anonymous people who have spoken about it.  I’m glad The Dude responded. at least I know that He’s doing it for the cause rather than self gain.I hope the documentary is seen by many.  it’s a good thing. I can’t hate on that.

Once Again Comments by The Book have been taken out of Context

.. And Life Goes on..

At about 4:25 I got a Reply From D. Hollywood here it goes

its cool but its how  you put it after i asked u to support it...the trailer was to get a deal from the company...our lawyer (zphiz) told how to lace it...I'm the president of z phi z and somebody has to do it...the doc aint about me..its about the movement...i got mad respect from the n.o. community and i will continue to do my our z phi history we recognize where it comes from..this is long over due and i have the resources...the reason y ppl look up to me is bc i turned z phi into a real respect frat and i show love and respect to all schools..i have been doin’ this since 92 ....its all good..but trust me i got every corner covered..that’s my job i don't half do anything...

I Responded Back with this

I Feel you on that. being that you are the prez of Z Phi Z I know you're gonna go beyond the origins to assure people to understand the craft. and I think it's time for a documentary. Doing your part is what it's about. I don't think anybody else would have taken the time out to do what you have already done to even begin the project. i support it 100% cause at the end of the day it's all about the bands.
I see comments on clips all the time from people who think its pointless. that's only because they don't understand the reason behind it. and well yeah man. thats where you're steppin' in. to educate the people. I can respect that.

With that said.. I’m out

The Book

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