Saturday, September 04, 2010

Soluto Does wonders

Soluto is a program designed to help you speed up your pc’’s boot up time. by suppressing active start up items. the interface is pretty nice.  it basically calculates boot up time at start up every time you log on just to insure that start up times are short.  It also helps me select the proper items to disable in MSconfig, that way i know what I need to get rid of. for example. I had 40 start up processes. I cut that down to 27 as of today.

Here’s a Screenshot of what it does at start up.  (as you can see i’m on XP)


With that said, My XP has been moving slowly for a while and Soluto was one of the tools i used to assure that my system runs smooth. I had already stopped some start up items with MSConfig and CCleaner already. but soluto helped me to Identify and suppress startups which were unlisted  in MSconfig and CCleaner.

Right now you cant Download Soluto, I have the Beta version.

For Me, The Things that were lowing down my PC the most were actually Microsoft Items which had to be stopped via MSConfig prior to doing anything.  Things such as Microsoft Security Essentials,  and it’s MSmpeng, Windows Advanced Search along with some installed software which loads every time the pc starts.  Why did i disable them? because for some reason they all were causing the service host to drain more memory.  along with their own individual processes. and they not only Drained the Virtual Memory, but the page file & CPU Usage in general even when i wasn’t running a browser.

It’s why I installed Opera to browse the internet! I recently deleted Firefox and Chrome due to some faulty processes. I love both browsers but they were no help when it came to memory usage.  there’s no way any browser  should be using 20mb of space. Right now IE is acting up; That’s even having issues with memory. so for now. as long as  I’m using the XP. I’ll be on Opera..

There are some other Programs I’ve been dealing with on my XP but I won’t mention them Now.

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