Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Instant Messenging made easy

... well for me at least.

for the past 3 weeks I've been experimenting with desktop multipurpose instant  messengers such as Digsby and pidgin on both my XP and Vista. I've finally found something that works for me.and in this post are going to be the reasons I recommend them all. 

Digsby works greatly with every account i have. whether it be yahoo, Aim, Gtalk, MSN, MySpace Facebook, Twitter it does wonders.i like the fact that after a certain marks are peaked, Digsby  displays those "accomplishments"  via twitter and Facebook. i like it, I think it's cool to be logged in to all sites of that on one application. it also gives notifications for everything! I turned most of notifications ff due to my experience with it on XP. it works perfectly Fine on Windows 7. and of course that my windows 7 has a better processor & more ram than my XP

With digby you have to have a digsby account first. I have one of those, I've had it since  maybe 2007 but as digsby upgraded it got bad for my XP do i did away with it.

Pidgin works pretty well on the XP.and is a light weight program that works with your common messaging programs. my problem is that I didn't care for how the tabbed messenger box worked  Digsby is much easier.and well Pidgin didn't have facebook..

So I went OLD SCHOOL!.. I downloaded AIM I hadn't used it since AIM 6.0 but i downloaded it finally due to its facebook integration. and it works well. I can either use it as a stand alone facebook messenger. or log in to my Aim accounts with facebook included.  it works PERFECTLY as a stand alone facebook messenger..I love it! ..

 I found that i still have active Aim accounts i haven't used in years. so I logged in and deleted all contacts from the program. aside from that. I still use yahoo for yahoo. on the XP.I don't use Trillian at all. but I sure do recommend Digsby..

I'm not an AIM, MSN or Myspace IM User normally. but Digby gives me a reason to log on to them all. no doubt there are other online/web messengers i've used and i think are great too. but i guess when it comes to instant messaging  i perfer desktop notification rather than being in a window
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