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Powerful Lyrics I Couldn’t help but to post.

The Other day I was watching a YouTube which caused me write this entry. The video was called “Last Breath”. it talked about how we wake up every day and spend our lives basking in our worldly goods and and at any spit second. The video continues and the song begins as the video montage and lyrics scrolled across the screen. You can’t help but to listen to the song as compared to the visuals too. The Song is Beautiful to me.

I’m only posting the song itself with the lyrics here, because all you need is the song itself to get the message. This song is of Islamic Reference but it doesn’t matter the religion because the lyrics apply to everyone. especially those who believe there is a God.  I’m a Christian myself and I felt this song. at that point it especially after watching the video. not only did it make me question my own life. but made me think of all the people who have died in my lifetime, especially those who were close to me, whether it be natural death or tragic death, it all happens to someone at sometime everyday, every second of our lives.


Last Breath by Ahmed Bukhatir  

From those around I hear a Cry,
A muffled sob, a Hopeless sigh,
I hear their footsteps leaving slow,
And then I know my soul must Fly!

A chilly wind begins to blow,
Within my soul, from Head to Toe,
And then, Last Breath escapes my lips,
It's Time to leave. And I must Go!

So, it is True (But it's too Late)
They said: Each soul has its Given Date,
When it must leave its body's core,
And meet with its Eternal Fate.

Oh mark the words that I do say,

Who knows? Tomorrow could be your Day,
At last, it comes to Heaven or Hell
Decide which now, Do NOT delay!
Come on my brothers let us pray
Decide which now, Do NOT delay!

Oh God! Oh God! I cannot see!
My eyes are Blind! Am I still Me
Or has my soul been led astray,
And forced to pay a Priceless Fee

Alas to Dust we all return,
Some shall rejoice, while others burn,
If only I knew that before
The line grew short, and came my Turn!

And now, as beneath the sod
They lay me (with my record flawed),
They cry, not knowing I cry worse,
For, they go home, I face my God!

Oh mark the words that I do say,
Who knows, Tomorrow could be your Day,
At last, it comes to Heaven or Hell
Decide which now, Do NOT delay !

Come on my brothers let's pray
Decide which now, do not delay ....

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Those are some powerful lyrics.
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