Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bad Move on My part.

Being that today is the LDC I’ll be posting the Uniform pics up sometime by mid game time.
Yesterday after uploading the pics i was immediately asked to remove them from the sites due to the secrecy behind them.  Truthfully I was originally asked to post them on game day. but I didn’t realize that the game was today. the reason it wasn’t yesterday is because another college football game played in the same Arena.

On that note I felt like i did something wrong, so I apologized to BB for doing that so early. we both hope that Lee didn’t see them.. I know BB was kinda angry but hey. He asked me to post them originally. An Early sneak peak wasn’t anything IMO. but hey. It doesn’t damage the surprise. I may re-upload them all after 6.

I got to get some rest.

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