Sunday, September 05, 2010

Talk About A Reboot

Over the past week I’ve been helping my Cousin with her PC issues dealing with her Windows Vista PC, which had a virus and then had internet issues. I eventually got it working though? How? I Formatted the PC to do a clean install of Windows 7. it worked properly and my cousins PC is running faster than ever. (duh)

I Installed all the proper Free utensils and some extras such as Open Office and a PDF reader. generally Open source software all together. The day after I was tired, but i got up only to deal with more PC related issues regarding my Nieces Laptop as well as theit in home network connection. also. from what I know. their desktop PC has been acting up as well.

I may have to do to it what I did mine here. speaking of that, I had to basically repeat some things after doing a system restore. I somehow messed up IE due to a tweaking error. so yeah basically I had to go down the list of random goodies to make IE as well as my PC work properly again.

As of now. I just got done dealing with a Dell PC in which I can’t bypass the BIOS password. nor is there a way for me to type the password. I found that the only way to remove this is to remove the battery on the motherboard.. after an attempt at opening the  system. I decided not to try any harder to get it open. 

There’s another PC I have here which i have to fix as well. I might hook it up later on today to attempt at restoration of the network connection. hopefully it’ll work/

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