Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wisdom and Losing it.

So I had my wisdom pulled…. 2 more are next inline.
But the one lost taken out today, I’m glad is gone because it was cracked in many places. I can’t believe i even waited a over a week to see this dentist. The Irony is that Everything on TV seemed to have something to do went dental work or dental  hygiene. It was on Cartoons, Sitcoms,  Action Series’ and commercial ads. I'm sitting here like AHH MAN PLEASE GO AWAY! ..lol

[yankem0.jpg]So I got to the Dentist Early, 2 hours later I see the Dentist and he was no different than “Issac Yankem DDS” ..lol he was a cool dude, but I felt the pain of those needles and the tooth was out instantly. I was happy.. my face began to swell,   but that’s down now.


Afterwards I walked to my sisters house and it seemed like the guys standing  around out there thought i was a police officer or something.  In the 9th ward there are some deadly streets and corners, but i swear when those dudes see anything that looks Federal, they start ducking. I walked passed a group of guys as i was crossing the street. They were a walking distance from me standing near their cars, one was on 10 speed Huffy… after I crossed the dude yelled out  “ I see you lookin, you think you slick but I know how yall is” 

So At this point they got in their cars and i guess they waited till they saw me get inside the house to leave the area..  SMH.. for some reason these cat’s always think I'm some kind of cop lol.. I don’t know why though.

As for Now though, I’m in here watching Warehouse 13 after a 3 hour nap. I took some meds as part of the heeling and relief process. I just hate to take them  especially now because Meds taken too often around other meds is can result is Chemical Imbalances and weird side effects. so I’ve been light on the pain killers.. Especially after being drugged up to get that tooth pulled. …

I’m out.

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