Friday, January 07, 2011

I guess my work is not complete

So I made the sample version of the DVD and IMO it looks GREAT. there’s one problem though. It’s in 480i on DVD. why? well, I realized that, in 481, I’m not giving the people a full HD quality video. along with the audio. With that said.. They don’t necessarily need what I have, which is the original version.

I changed the contrast on the DVD just for a different feel than watching it online. but as I said in the beginning. it’s 480i.. maybe if I had the larger DVD size, I’d be able to create copies in full HD.  otherwise, generally, the DVD shows up pretty well on TV. I’m about to try it on my brothers Xbox just for safety reasons. and besides we have old school TV’s in our room. so that’ll work…

I’ll see..

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