Saturday, January 08, 2011

There was a Fire around the Corner

Yeah I woke up in the AM, like 3 or 4 and there was a fire around the corner, to what, I don’t know. but I jumped up because I smelled smoke. I looked outside the front of the house and I saw a  big cloud of smoke north of where I stay. .. and yep Sirens, Smoke and FIRRRRRRE! I don’t know what it was but it sure sux to know that something’s burning.. hopefully nobody got hurt

Yesterday I went to sleep early to make up for a lot of sleep I lost, I think I may do that again like within the next hour or so.  LOL.. probably not though.
I have to call T-Mobile to see about getting a new phone. I have an upgrade ready. I can get a certain style of phone for free. I don’t think I’ll want it.  There’s a phone that seems like a GPS Map. I may wind up getting it.  I really don’t need a fancy phone. Bad enough I don’t pay the bill. Yesterday the thing was turned off. I got it turned back on though.. yep had to pay the bill. lol

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