Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Phone Came yesterday

That was Quick!, Earlier Yesterday I got my phone. I ran into minor issues so far, but I got them all fixed by the looks of it.  It’s like the blackberry yet 0h so different…
I think the thing is cool despite the fact that I couldn’t use Google apps due to error, I had to resort to Bing, which is not a problem.  Most recently I installed a Twitter app, unfortunately Seesmic doesn’t have an app for this phone.

Overall the phone is nice, I’ll just take a while to get used to. It’s like being on a PC, without the PC.  due to the fact that I don’t have Outlook, Syncing certain things got slightly complicated. I was using Google Sync transfer my mail to the phone. This time I had to sync those contacts. this time I had to load my contacts to T-Mobile’s site to transfer the numbers. Cool with me, Especially because I’ve done it before.

I’m still gonna request numbers from folks just to do it… Otherwise Here’s the program I’m using to sync stuff with now …  .. basically windows media player is the sync device

imageon XP. I have activesync. haven’t uised it yet. but I installed it

Also, At this point. I just failed attempt at installing a twitter app. I’m about to try another.


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