Monday, January 10, 2011

Randomness 1-10-11

So I made the DVD in its original format, it looks great, but it makes little difference other than audio quality levels and slightly more clarity. which is great. but I do plan on selling it. in its smaller size though. why? well, it doesn’t matter.

I realized that all these cats who always need me, are never around when I need them. they act like I don’t exist.  but they always want something for free. .. this is why I always deal with the few females I talk to by phone. They’re  all good folks. don’t ask for anything but the conversation.

I’m up here listening to this Ipod Touch, Cool toy. I have it plugged in to the stereo. That Janet Jackson “Let’s wait awhile”  is one of my favorite tunes man.  I don’t normally listen to  her but that song is nice.

I realize that these dudes still hate on my content. even at the demand they ask for it. but it’s okay.  I also noticed that of all people, THEY didn’t ask for copies of my footage. but I’m good.

Ahh the situation in Arizona is terrible, In comparison
But every day here in N.O. it’s terrible. sometimes I don’t want to be here.

The Birds are dying, The Fish are dying, the Pigs are dying… Plague, Famine , END TIMES.

… To the Bro’s…

The HS Tuba Section


The College Tuba Section


Shout of to Them Houston folks who just became LSO, it’s Houston’s City Frat, pretty much similar to N Phi O. I love the idea that there are more City frats coming along. that’s cool to me.

I’m done for now..

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