Monday, January 17, 2011

Slight Excite: Random but not really.

Due to overload I rebooted the phone, reinstalling some apps and being introduced to others. like Mundu.TV. i downloaded the radio to my phone and it’s perfect. but the TV for PC is cool despite the fact that its all from India. It makes me want to give some other services a try.   The Radio is nice being that its free and there’s no pandora or slacker app for that phone. .. at least not to my knowledge.  Makes me want to check Boxee. lol…

okay so now i do see that there’s  Pandora for windows phone, i’ll check that out.  I got rid of fring. it served no purpose without skype on it.  I never really used skype but hey. It’s worth trying new things.

I was also able to get my contacts intact by syncing them to windows mobile online too.
I glad i deleted and merged alot of contacts. so far it’s doing me well. I think i need to put bing back on it.

On to The Randomness

Here we go… I got this under a youtube video a while ago,,,


Of course toward the end, JFK wasn’t a great school academically, but they were putting out more grads than any other public school in the city.  Otherwise, yeah I had to speak on this because that person basically Killed off all us Kennedy Alumni by saying that We’re all gonna dye of cancer.. There’s no fact to that. .. aside from that. as long as i knew. the Band practiced on gravel.  not in the grass.  at Kennedy, we all knew of the toxic land problem before we got there.  That was all “Fixed” in the mid 90’s.  that’s not the reason they closed the school, because i would have been shutdown long before Katrina took it out.

With that said, Word got out about a public interest meeting on 1.25 at Greater Gentilly HS asking all JFK Alumni to attend. the reason is to  draw up support in numbers to possibly have that school renamed to JFK. it is believed that the Gentilly High school was built to replace the JFK High School.  .

With that said, I think lots of people will begin to speak on behalf on their Alma Maters, because they’re all being taken away and replaced with schools with no Name or a New name… Something


Sometimes I wonder who came up with the name Columbia Parc, because it doesn't represent "New Orleans" in any way . I hope nothing bad happens back there because they wont mention "Columbia Parc" ... example. The news report will say "Near The Former St. Bernard Housing Development" .. like this image.

I wrote that on Facebook



Here’s a Photo of the Grambling Band in Liberia, Africa 1971

Reminds me of New Orleans, Looks like those are the standard New Orleans traditional color guard, GSU doesn’t have that anymore, they need to bring it back.

When Facebook updated, This gappened.. it was more like 800+ by the end of the week

A Photo Edit with Paintshop Pro X2.

I normally used Paintshop Pro 7, I’ve had X2 for 2 years and  rarely use it.
With this photo, i did some color changing, Contrast & highlight enhancements. Digital Noise Removal, sharpening & a crop. .. I should have done a high pass or something. though. .. This one a test. It’s okay but I fail at the color change… if you pay attention to the edges you can still se the blue outline surrounding the Maroon top. The Original is to your right in the blue ..Looks GREAT untouched. but i felt like hooking it up

Ahh.. Boy do I love that girl.. she knows it too,,

.. Oh and Lastly… I have too many facebook contacts. LOL 68 friends with birthdays this week, shame. LOL

More Randomness

Forget all that Zodiac Mess, I never believed in it. but know that I’ve got Kandace talking about the end of the world now because of it.. It’s exactly what I wanted out of her too. LOL.. The folks on Twitter and facebook were going nuts thinking it applies to them. .. I told them not to believe in that stuff. I don’t look to the stars for anything.  I know of the zodiacs and how they play out with the stars. but that has little to do with the Earths shift.. and because of all the talk, it’s been a shift in everyone's conscience.  they’re talking end times and illuminati now that they SEE it all coming into play.

Oddly enough, there was a documentary about the Illuminati & the Masons the other day, Quisha and I were watching it and I thought it was so stupid how they didn’t want to believe that the Statue of Liberty was created to signify Lucifer.. Sun of the Morning.. The Great Bearer of Light… yet they disconnected it to the Devil.. which is EXACTLY THE SAME THING. smh…

Okay, now that I’m now with that,. Here’s my Recent 7 Desktop, as you can see, Mundu TV in India right there.

I ordered the Power Piece to get my Vista back up and running. soon I’ll be updating it to 7.

Tweet’s and Facebook Related

Oh and just when I thought it was over.. My Cousin JJ asked me for my number so he can send me more pics to upload to his facebook. I told him that I was just getting familiar with my new phone so i can’t do it. He sent them anyway! … STOO!..

Folks got Jokes, I said “Don’t Let The Small Cam Fool Ya” in my status and they’re thinking nasty.. lol..  What I really ment by it was. I’ve realize that these guys are underestimating my work by the fact that they visibly see  bigger/ better cameras around me.  I’ve already blogged about  thaat. we;; not really…  I just saw that, on multiple occasions these guys  take my footage as being bad,  compared to others, it’s not my fault that my mic captures all mistakes regarding the bands sound.

Oh speaking of that, I put the DVD on 8.5 disk and it showed great, minor errors but overall i’m good, no problems at all.

Thanks to Philosotology, All Is Forgiven…
yeah.. I’ve been thinking about Saints Row 2

When I made a status about my cousins believing that I invented facebook, someone said this…

the only reason I signed up is because I thought u was gonne make me an administrator whatchu mean this aintcho site ....I shoulda knew when the home page didn't have animated wrestling videos on it ...lmaoooooo


when I said i was changing my name to Shiek Mustafa, I ment on Folks thought I was serious.. LOL I told one of the TSU dancers that it’s due to a cult following of folks becoming “Book” on there

SLAVE MENTALITY : you just bought a new fit for MLK day... I have a dream that you Negroes would stop doing that..

That was a Tweet and a Facebook status.. alot of Likes! …sometime after i posted Stevie Wonder’s Lately via

That ‘Trecia is a mess! LOL she got me about my cartoons though.. lol

Denial is the most predictable of all human responses - The Architect

Classic WWE Moment

My Clip of Gil Scott Heron’s Pieces of a man got a lot of “Likes” and responses.

A Girl on Twitter said she lost her Virginity at 18… Okay.. Check the Lost and Found or the Pawn Shop, There’s a lot of Lost Virginity out there…

Virginity is something you can’t lose, you either Give it away, Sell it, Trade it or have it stolen…   That sounds like alot of Rape, and Prostitution, right?

Dude tagged me in this photo and said, it’s me with my cam and that’s why it takes so long for me to load footage… LOL apparently I recorded “The Creation” with this

Don't call us nerds but My youngest Brother and I were discussing the realities of time travel.

It was discussion he had in school. but i figured a way around it… When I posted it on facebook folks started posting things from “Back To The Future” on my wall

Philippians 3:2 Beware of Dogs....

I Still have to delete that MVSU recruitnent event info off the site.. Ain’t no way an event is gonna last 4 months and be the Top event because it’s said to be “every day” .. there are way to many events that go on that are gonna be overlooked because somebody’s looking to recruit.. That band is SLAW. they only get like 20 recruits a year anyway. .. Let me Audition over the phone

The Last Days of the Last Days

oooh life's... bigger.. bigger than you and you are not me..

Klaatu barada nikto!

some folks don't believe in helping others succeed. I believe that making sure folks aware of realities of life is important #iwillsucceed

This one’’s by someone else

Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a race car not called a racist?

double crossed by the law, so there's nobody to run to

Matt & Jeff Hardy are doing that New Brood Stuff Again TNA version..

The Body is Nothing Without the Mind

Tonight I renounce My Throne..

Why do they always show Fat Black People on the news complaining about Food?

If 5 of my Female Followers were 1 person she’d be just right for me..

Don't let the illuminati Ctrl+Alt+Del your life

aside from all that.. I’m OUT for now

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